About Us


We are a Durban based company, owned by two woman who have burning desire for Christ and to see woman and man embrace their natural beauty.

Because African hair is challenging to manage with modern products and processes that can damage the hair and make it lifeless, we have developed a series of products that will restore the natural beauty and health to African hair, as well as any hair type.

These products have been tested and proven in real life. They work and are designed to grow and maintain healthy, manageable hair that will allow African and other difficult hair types to be free from fake and harmful extensions, weaves and wigs, once and for all time!


The frustration of finding natural products that fulfilled and satisfied our
personal needs and goals for our hair and skin, served as a catalyst for the
birth of Get2Natural (G2N) Beauty, co-founded by Khumalo Phumelele and
Dlamini Nosihle. After years of using the same products between ourselves
but getting different results, we realized that the “one size fits all” approach
does not work. Which is why we created oils best suited for each individual’s
hair porosity, accompanied by products that complement the function of the
oils, enhancing the results. Our face products are made of botanical extracts
that work in unison with the skin’s naturally produced oils to help create
fresh, baby soft skin and a healthier complexion. There are No sulphates, No parabens, No petroleum, and as for our animals, we pet them, not prod them.

Life is complicated enough, so follow the KISS principle…Keep It Simple Sweety!

Our History


Get2Natural Beauty was established.


Won best Emerging Business in the Business Support Lion’s Dean competition.


Selected as 1 of 5 manufacturers in the KZN province to be groomed into exporters by the Transnet Port Terminal.

Won a recognition award in the Vienna Cleantech & GCIP Forum in Vienna 2019.


To be continued…

Meet the Team

Meet Phumelele Khumalo - The bubbly Sanguine

Commonly referred to as Pk, she is the outgoing, handshaking, enthusiastic
person in the office.

A visionary at best. With a management diploma, she is
forever seeking to improve the quality of the products, infrastructure of the
company and service delivery.

Meet Nosihle Dlamini - The balanced Melancholy

Our perfectionists by nature, no stone is left unturned! Nosihle’s analytical energy
sees the end results of a project before moving forward.

Having graduated cumlaude with a master’s degree in Biotechnology, she is well suited to drive the company forward and keep it on the cutting edge.


Being “a house hold” universal brand that is always first. Serving the people and the economy through private label services and first class G2N salons.


To provide the best solutions that help people look and feel better about themselves through our quality products and services.