Dry Hair with hairline oil


1. Hair Growth Oil
2. Aloe Re-hydrating Spritz
3. Shea-Vo Hair Butter
4. Honey Cholesterol hair Treatment
6. Edge hair line repair oil

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Healthy long hair

Seals moisture into hair , promotes hair growth and is great as well as deep hydrate dry hair

Products Information

This combo will ensured you have your Liquid, Oil & Cream/Butter (LOC) covered. as well as
your moisture deep treatment. The hair growth oil can also be used for a hot Oil treatment.
Moisturizing Directions
1. Spray hair with G2N,s Re-hydrating Spray to moisturize.
2. Lock moisture into the hair with the G2N’s hair butter focusing on hair strands.
Hairline Repair directions
First spray hair line with G2N,s Re-hydrating Spray
Apply 2-4 drops of the Edge oil along edges and massage.
Hot oil treatment
Apply generous amount of G2N’s hair growth oil on damp hair.
Cover with plastic cap and let it sit for 30 min or over night then wash hair with shampoo
Honey Cholesterol
First shampoo hair then apply treatment on damp hair
Cover with plastic cap and let it sit for 15-30 min
Rinse hair with plain water
Towel dry & you are done

Additional information

Hair growth oil porosity type

low, Normal, High


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